Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Chapter 1: The Dream Is Given

So here I was just riding home on I-20 from another day in the office when I found myself deep in thought. At first I imagined it was just a daydream, but then a still small voice began to enter my head. He began speaking to me...again. I knew the voice as I had heard it cleary before although it had been a number of years since I had heard it this pronounced. Undoubtedly it was Him posing the question, one that begged an answer and begged of it soon. To not answer would surely bring more isolation, more desperation, more depression, and ultimately death. But what if...what if His intentions were good? What if He truly loved me like everyone says He does, then what kind of life could I truly have? Yes, it was God who sat alongside me and was asking if I was truly ready to follow Him. We talked for a while. He showed me many things and pointed out certain areas in my past that would prepare me for this journey. He assured that if I were to follow Him, I would have a life that I could have never dreamed possible. You see the problem is that I have never really been able to dream, never been able to fully engage the thought of who I ultimately wanted to become or what I wanted to do in this life. I was caught in a rut, a prisoner in my own kingdom. Sure i have my queen and i have my princess, but we had nothing outside the walls of our castle. Until now. Now here before me was an offer of life And all I had to do was to say yes...yes I will follow...what will you have me to do?