Sunday, October 3, 2010

Chapter 3: Cross Country - No Way I Can Do That

Hmmm, okay so the blogging more than once a month is not so much going to plan, but hey give me credit, i've at least thought about doing it more than once this month.  seems like something else always comes up or perhaps i don't feel creative enough to sit down and write.  I've never been much for journaling or keeping track of my thoughts, but this is something that is too important for me not to keep track of.  Again, for any of you in the cyber-world who are  reading this, thanks for your time, and please keep bearing with me...God ain't done with me yet.

So, again we pick back up on the road after the dream has been given to me.  Geez, i can't believe it is taking me two months to blog a 3 hour drive, but it's a good story and hopefully you keep coming back to read the next chapter.  All good cliff-hangers keep everyone wanting more.  Speaking of that, we like to watch Burn Notice, and it really chaps me that they only do like 8 shows and then take off about 6 months.  It's all good though because football season is here.  Okay, back to the dream.  So I'm told that I'm supposed to get a bike, ride cross country, raise awareness and support for CF and take my story to others...sure no problem...wait, you want me to do WHAT???!!!  Okay so once I regain semi-consciousness I pretty much say, well why not go all out crazy instead of just a little crazy right?  So I'm pretty much in a daze the rest of the ride home, but it was in a really good way.  I felt lighter, and a bit more free.  Even though I pretty much knew this dream would be squashed as soon as I shared it with anyone else, it felt good if only for a just a little while.  So I get home and give kisses to my girls, as I'm always happy to see them especially after a long day in Atlanta.  Hayden greets me with a great big "DDDAAAAAAADDDDDYYYYYY!!!" when I walk up the steps to the living room and Christie is watching something on TV.  I somehow muster up the courage to go and sit on the floor in front of the couch where they are hanging out and I give her the old "honey, we need to talk."  She says okay and actually put the TV on mute which means I have gotten her attention.  Now we all know that when someone says to you "we need to talk," it usually isn't a good thing, or at the very least it is something that is pretty serious.  So I basically just drop on her the whole conversation I had with God on my way home from Atlanta that day.  She kind of just looks at me and then finally says "welcome home."  So after sharing my calling to get a bike and ride it across country I proceed to tell her that she and Hayden are meant to go with me on this adventure following in the car.  She then just kind of sits there and looks into my eyes for what seemed like an eternity, although it was probably only a minute or so.  I will never forget the next words out of her &^$@&^#&@ (^&^&(* *$@^@^%&!!!  No, seriously we don't talk like that in our house, but she did ask if I was serious and I told her that I've never been more serious in my life.  She sat and thought about all I had unloaded on her and then this incredible, wonderful, caring, loving woman and my best friend for life says, "Okay, let's do it."  I was floored, God had cleared the first major wife would let me get a motorcycle.   We then talked a little bit more about our fears, our hopes, our dreams and more importantly what we are giving of our lives.  I don't understand how or why, but God gave me such a wonderful gift when He gave me Christie.  He knew how much she would believe in me and how much I would rely on her strength to keep me going at times.  See I have the easy part, I have to trust in only one, that's God, she has to trust in God and in me.  She does both, and in such beautiful fashion.  And so, we have a team of 3 now...but I had to talk to someone about this, someone else who would understand it all because in all honesty, I didn't.